Solomon "Grimnasty" Perry is a true artist in every sense of the word, his passion is defined within his work. He has taken this natural born talent and refined it many times over  in several different forms. A businessman and an artist, in grade school Solomon was already selling his artwork. At a young age, 12, he gained city notoriety for his pieces of work which led him to an opportunity to create a set design for a TV show that promoted non-violence in the city. This resulted in Solomon receiving an Emmy Award for his work, assistant to James Threalkill. He has continued down this path of success winning art contest after art contest. His biggest challenge then was his young age, he could not get a job working for a bigger art firm or hip-hop magazine. His adversity has helped him further his work ethic and character which has molded his art into what it is today, exploring prodcution and song-writing. This has allowed him to become the 360 degree artist with a much larger audience and appeal. 

Nothing is more important than perusing art for Mr. Perry except his education and helping his community. While attending Columbia College in Mo. majoring in graphic art and illustration he began teaching for Access Arts, a local company which helps mentally challenged adults express their artistic ambitions.

Beating out the competition is a trend in Mr. Perry career which landed him a highly coveted layout artist position in the advertising department of the Columbia Tribune. At that time with over three years of experience in the corporate world, he continues to build on the fundamental blocks that allowed him to arrive there. Currently he has released 9 albums, three music singles, and a compilations. He has spanned his reach into the clothing industry with his own line of urban accessories and is working with artists and celebrities. For the past 8 years, he expanded his skills to Trompe L'oeil and optical illusion art, currently creating these illusions in various mediums from wall, to merchandise. Art is Mr. Perry's pedigree, and his success is a result of his persistence and hard work from a young age. We are in anticipation of this burgeoning artist breaking into the mainstream industry where we can only imagine how he will touch more people through his art. 


How long have you been into art in general?

The main sense of creativity came in at age 1 and then from high school when I started doing graf and design it impacted that greatly...because of natural artistic progression at that point. It allowed me to expand on mass mediums very easily. Also not having a job did that, because it forces anyone to be competitive to survive as a freelancer, best thing that ever happened to me.

Who were your first inspirations?

The first inspirations were pop culture, watching hours and hours of tv, while drawing ideas on tv and new ones that came to mind.

What is your ideal canvas? Any thing obscure or normal..

I try to keep it different each time if I can. The idea of doing the same thing over and over is insane to me so doing too much of one medium or subject matter is the worst, absolutely boring.

Did you have a mentor at the beginning?

My adopted mother (aunt) always encouraged me, my true mother was an artist before she died, whom I have never met. Her sister whom is now my mother, always saw her sister in me and felt she needed to make sure I stayed drawing and painting. LOL I had alot of black sleep issues growing up so since my main only friend was art it kept a brother face deep in it from its consistent gratifications.

Do you host workshops or how-to sessions? (talk about the blog for instance)

Yes you can find out alot of things on the blog even how to relieve stress LOL...

I've heard about these 3-d renderings. How did you get into those?

I saw an artist named Julian Beever doing this art and it blew my mind...instantly I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life doing it. Did some research on it and saw Leonardo DiVinci's 3d work, and how Kurt Wiener started the first ground illusions in the 80's after its startling discovery while restoring Leo's work.

When did you start working with the "illusion" techniques?

About 8 years ago, it was still new and no one knew how to do quickly set me apart from others.

When did you know you wanted to start making music?

Music actually happened for me when my wicked parents punished me from my art.. At the time hip hop was a hobby, after I was left with no creative outlets for a while, it was then that I began to make mixtapes and singles. Real mixtapes!! CDs weren't invented yet. I was 12 years old.

Has where you lived affected and influenced your musical style?

Yes when moving around my Dad used to get job promotions and we'd move all over. Each time a new influence was presented musically and creatively.

Who are some up-and-comers that we should be on the look out for?

Does, Sloke One, awesome graffiti, Stevie Stone my buddy on Strange Music, a lot of my friends are normal people though... LOL

How do you keep your style evolving and keeping pace with the local/national scenes?

By staying away from its influence and staying original always coming with the next new thing. Isolation is the key.

Do you enjoy DJ'ing or producing more?

I actually produce, and write on the music side...and enjoy both equally. In a performance clever lines and a seriously good beat always leaves a priceless impression.


  • Emmy Award at age 13 with mentor James Threalkill
  • Won 1st place in a Kriss Kross drawing contest against 22 and 28 year old rivals at age 13. (1992)
  • Won numerous art contests during youth. ('92-96)
  • Co- Founder of PHANTAZM clothing/urban toy design (1996-2013)
  • Produced a 60 min animated film titled "Drastic" (2001)
  • Spike And Mike Film Festival picks up Drastic for a contract in (2007)
  • Designed and animated various work for Nick Cannon, Interscope Rec., Mariah Carey, Spike Lee, Mad Lion / KRS-ONE, and other celebs (2005-2013)
  • Creator of "Hey Butthead" picked up by Nick's "Short Circuits" on MTV (show was canceled before airing date)
  • New cartoon to be released by Nick Cannon "The Pandz" designed by Solomon Perry for Nick Jr. (2014-15)
  • Curator and designer  at  doing large scale 3d Trompe L' oeil illusion art.
  • Won Austin Artboards with 3d art on a Billboard for 2 years (2013)